Tops, Tops, Tops!

It's another cold day in the Carolinas today...  Hope everyone's staying warm!

The TFD workshop is chugging away with production, assembly and the ever essential design process.  Shawn's doing great with streamlining our manufacturing process on the new CNC mill.  I'm so proud to see all the progress and how efficiently he's making the Tool Arcs and the new Spin Tops. 

This one's my personal favorite!  Love all the color striations! 

I wanted to share the inspiration for our latest addition, the Excalibur Series Spin Tops... Shawn and I both love knives, gadgets and weaponry, old and new, and of course we're huge fantasy geeks, so we started sketching...and thanks to our trusty 3-D printer, printing prototypes! 

Each top seemed to come out looking more and more like a lethal weapon...but being good parents and trying to set a good example for our son, we toned it down and came up with Excalibur in homage to King Arthur... I'm sure he'd love to have one!  The future iterations will undoubtedly be more BOLD and this is a great intro.  :)  

You can find all the Excalibur Series Spin Tops here:

OK, off to ship more orders...





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