Spin Discs or UFOs....?

We're halfway through January already...yikes!  The TFD.world workshop's been quite busy machining, sanding and polishing Tool Arcs and new Spin Tops!

The latest additions are:  the MoonShot Spin Disc

And  the Shield Spin Disc

Shawn and I are both huge sci-fi fans, and one afternoon, he walks in from the workshop and says, "honey, I made a UFO!". 

I'm like... okaaay! 

Actually, the spin disc is really cool and does look like a mini UFO... :)  And no, I'm not just saying that cause I love my wonderful hubby...if it's one thing Shawn knows, it's that I can be quite the critic; so, I will never say I like something and not mean it. 

Hope you all enjoy our latest creations






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