New CNC Mill

We're super excited to announce we recently invested in a new CNC milling machine. A special thank you to our friend Dean, we couldn't have set it up without you! So it took 2 great engineers and my hands-on supervision to get it all done. :)



Shawn's currently working on dialing it in for the upcoming precision machining and we will be ready for production-level work next week.  There have been a few challenges, as with any new equipment, in getting the tool changer leveled and fully functional.


However, after a few sleepless nights, we are making some serious progress here.  The new tool changer holds ten cutting/shaping tools and it will speed up our workflow considerably as Shawn was doing all the tool changes manually on our smaller CNC mill.

I'm of course always right there with warm chocolate chip cookies and hugs to keep my awesome hubby going!  :)  


A special thank you to our wonderful friends and family for your kind and loving support and encouragement. 

Go Team TFD!!!



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